And Dragons...oh, my

Writing this week had its ups and downs--pages that came easily and pages that felt like pulling teeth.  I had my rewards in Dragons, though...first look of Smaug (though I would have loved to hear his voice), Dany's 3 flying off in the finale of GoT season 3, and my own dragons in The Prince of Nowhere.

I like the idea of dragons.  A deep rumbling voice, an imagined intelligence and arrogance as well as being burdened with vices like avarice and hunger and vanity make for an interesting character.  Good dragons and bad spice most of my favorite books and they are not the passing fancy many publishers feared they would be.  In fact, they seem to grow stronger year by year.  I think readers grow up into yearning for them, and older readers seldom lose their liking for them, which leads many writers to --

Gratuitous Dragons!  Oh my.  This, of course, is what publishers fear and what writers hate:  throwing a dragon in just to boil the plot and hide weaknesses in world-building and planning.  I am always amused, as well, by dragon books that are well done and well read but feature an army of reptiles which eat so much I wonder how the world could support them, let alone the tiny country in which they are featured.  Less is more is one of those rules which would definitely apply to meat eating raptors.  It is, ironically, an echo of historical times in which average peasants couldn't afford horses because of the cost of feeding and other care, not to mention defending it from stronger men in medieval times who simply took what they wanted. 

Still, dragons are glorious.  I love them.  I'll continue to write about them and hope that my writing avoids plot holes and character weakness and badly imagined worlds so that my readers will love them as much as I do.

For today, though, I have to work on a book which does not feature dragons and hope that my writing is strong enough I don't have to throw one in at the end, just to make it readable.


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